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About us

Our cutting edge deep analytics technology truly delivers

Due to our founders' many decades of mobile industry experience, Cooins' platform incorporates the latest deep analytics and mobile ad serving technology. Cooins' technology and its eager, helpful, and highly motivated mobile traffic expert team, enables Cooins to deliver results few of its competitors can. Our account managers work closely with both advertisers and affiliates to maximize their results. Thanks to in-app video displays and multi-format support and functionality, Cooins is setting a new standard CPI/CPE/CPR campaign results. Whether you're an affiliate or an advertiser, get better results by partnering with us today!

For Publishers

Would you like to earn more money from your hard-earned mobile traffic? Have you been disappointed by other mobile ad platforms? Cooins is going to be the last mobile advertising platform you'll partner with! Why? Once you try our higher-paying direct offers, solid real-time tracking system, and easy API integration, you wouldn't want to partner with anyone else. We offer on-time payments for your international traffic. Start earning more today by signing up as a Cooins publisher!

  • Higher-paying direct
    advertiser base
    • Earn more money from your mobile traffic
    • Get paid more per install
    • Get paid for even 'rare' niches
  • Advanced tracking
    pays you top dollar
    • Our system keeps track of every click you get
    • Earn more with our in-app video ads
    • Make more with our many different ad formats
  • Easy API integration
    for quick earnings
    • Publish our ads in your app within minutes
    • Accurately track user installs easily
    • Install ads on all major mobile platforms

For advertisers

Regardless of how 'rare' or 'hard to reach' your app's target audience may be, Cooins has the traffic reach and targeting technology you need to turn your app into a bestseller! Best of all, regardless of where your target audience resides, we are able to target them at very attractive rates thanks to our tight relationship with direct publishers who have incent and non-incent traffic. Take advantage of our proprietary cutting-edge anti-fraud and in-app ads technology to boost your ROI today!

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If you are an advertiser looking for highly targeted traffic to boost your app's download and install rates or you are a publisher looking to earn more from your mobile traffic, enter your contact information below so we can help you get the results you're looking for. We'll be in touch very shortly. With Cooins, you get a battle-tested partner committed to helping you take your business to the next level!

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